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Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Eyelash Artist from NOVALASH. 

Also trained and worked for Amazing lash studio.

Certified in various other fields such as laser skin technician certification and is currently continuing education in all advanced skin care.

lash extension

Why should choose NOVALASH Extension?

NOVALASH extensions are a glamorous new way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes.

They are a practical, convenient, and beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara.

When properly applied using NOVALASH Platinum Bond Adhesive, NOVALASH extensions can be work throughout the year with minimal monthly maintenance.

You will only need to get refills every 3-4 weeks instead of the average every 2 weeks other adhesives require (based on your own natural lash growth cycle).

lash extension

NOVALASH Platinum Bond Adhesive

  • Physician-developed, medical-grade lash extension adhesives
  • Oil resistant, instantly Waterproof
  • Extra strength formula, holds 2x longer than competing brands
  • Only sold to NOVALASH Certified Professionals
  • Packaged in a U.S. FDA inspected facility
  • Safe to immediately shower, safe to use oils on extensions
  • Dries to a glossy, rich, dark, black color to enhance the lash line
  • Rubberizing agent for flexibility, durability, and longer wear time
  • Skin Irritation test results

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